AUTHOR | AshlieRené

Always, since delving into the nature of reality and what science has taught us as a species, there is a major sense of urgency. It is an impossibility that I might, in my lifetime, explore every corner of our planetary home, and I must see as much of it as I can. Time cannot be wasted on trivial fantasies. There is too much to learn; Too many wonderfully brilliant scientific writers to read from. The most extraordinary things I will ever do with my life, will be in the presence of creatures not of my own hominid species. I dream of bringing myself face to face with every one of them. The most beautiful thing I know yet, about myself, is my biochemical connection to all of them. I am grateful to not waste another moment rummaging around in the dark. And I wish most to be in a similarly wonderful mind state as Oliver Sacks at the end my life.

• Current book recommendation is a big one, an important one, one of my most recommended ever. Stunning perspective from a truly brilliant scientist on life and death.

"I am grateful that I have experienced many things- some wonderful, some horrible- and that I have been able to write a dozen books, to receive innumerable letters from friends, colleagues, and readers, and to enjoy what Nathaniel Hawthorne called 'an intercourse with the world.' I am sorry I have wasted (and still waste) so much time; I am sorry to be as agonizingly shy at eighty as I was at twenty; I am sorry that I speak no languages but my mother tongue and that I have not traveled or experienced other cultures as widely as I should have done."

- Oliver Sacks (neurologist) | "Gratitude"